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Terms and Conditions


Doggy Daycare is authorised to perform care and services as outlined in this contract. Doggy Daycare is also authorised to seek emergency veterinary care with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment, and expense should it not be possible to speak to the emergency contact stated. Should specified veterinarian be unavailable, Doggy Daycare is authorised to engage the services of the veterinarian of their choice. If client cannot be contacted in a timely manner, Doggy Daycare is authorised to approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian. Client agrees to reimburse Doggy Daycare for all expenses incurred, plus any additional fees for attending to such emergency, as well as expenses incurred for any other home/dog supplies needed .

In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, Doggy Daycare is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for dog(s) and home. Doggy Daycare will not be held responsible for consequences related to such decisions.

The owner (or homeowner’s insurance) will be responsible for any injury/damage to Doggy Daycare due to the pet(s) or condition of premises (including, although not exclusive to, pet bite, scratches requiring medical attention, destruction of furniture or van interior).

This company, its employees and independent contractors agree to provide the services stated in this contract in a reliable, caring, and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Doggy Daycare, except those arising from negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of Doggy Daycare.

This contract also serves as an invoice and the owner will take full responsibility for prompt payment of fees. All unanticipated times and expenses spent during responsible completion of pet care duties will be paid upon receipt of additional invoice. A finance charge will be added to unpaid balances after thirty (30) DAYS. A handling fee will be charged to all returned cheques.

In the event of the need to cancel an arranged walk, the owner will notify Doggy Daycare of the cancellation no later than 24 hours before the agreed walk. Failure to comply may result in being charged in full for the cancelled walk. 

Stay and Play Field

1. Owners are responsible for their dog(s) at all times whilst on the field and car park.

2. A maximum of 20 dogs are allowed on the field at any one time.

3. The maximum number of dogs one person may be in control of at any one time is 6.

4. Owners are to ensure the fencing is adequate for their dog before letting them off the lead.

5. Please clean up after your dog and take all rubbish home with you.

6. Children must be supervised by their parents at all times and must not be left on the field without a responsible adult present.

7. Bitches in season will not be allowed to attend public hire sessions.

8. All owners must sign in on arrival and out on departure. Any person who has not signed in will be asked to leave.

9. Cars are parked at owner’s risk. Doggy Daycare take no responsibility for loss of belongings or theft or damage to vehicles.

10. When exiting the carpark please be aware that you are joining a busy dual carriageway.

11. Additional parking is available in the layby just past our gate.

12. If hiring the field as part of a group or attending a training class or playtime session please park as closely to other vehicles as possible.

13. Please leave adequate time to vacate the field. Failure may result in additional charges.

14. Bookings will not be extended for late arrival.

15. Bookings are to be paid for prior to the session by bank transfer or Paypal.

16. If a booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice there will be no refund.

17. Block bookings are available at a discount but are to be paid for at the time of booking.

18. Balls, toys and ball throwers are there for your use but please return them to us at the end of the session.

19. Any owner and dog on the field who are not booked into the session will be asked to leave immediately.

20. Any person found to be training dogs for fighting will be asked to leave immediately.

21. No alcohol, open fires or barbecues permitted without prior permission.

22. The field can be muddy in wet conditions so please wear appropriate footwear.

23. Horses graze in the next field so please be considerate if they are by the fence. Please do not feed any livestock near the field.

24. A public footpath runs adjacent to field boundary but does not cross the field at any point.

25. Please close any gates or fences that you open.

26. If you notice any damage to our fencing, please let us know.

27. If you or your dog cause any damage you will be expected to pay for any repair. 

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